In these advanced times, we tend to think of Jell-o as a food for kids…

…but deep down, you’ve never quite forgotten the deliciousness of that mysterious substance, have you?

The bad news is, you’re all grown up now. You can’t walk around the office or mingle at Uncle Fred’s fancy dinner party while eating bright blue gelatin. Not only does it look unsophisticated, but when you get up to deliver that killer sales pitch, your potential client will be captivated by your blue teeth and tongue and won’t remember a word you say.

So, what’s a hungry, young-at-heart coffee lover to do??

It’s simple: whip up a batch of succulent coffee-flavored Jell-o!

Delicious coffee flavor which provides the touch of caffeine, class, and general “Look at me, I promise I’m an adult” demeanor? Check!

Fun-filled experience of chasing that elusive, wobbly deliciousness around your bowl and getting it into your mouth by any means necessary? Check!

The result is a delicious, coffee-flavored Jell-o that’s perfect for a summer treat, or any time of year. I bet even Uncle Fred would give it a whirl!

And the best part is, it’s absurdly easy to make!

You’ll only need:

  • Regular unflavored gelatin (can be bought at any grocery store, next to the Jell-O)
  • Your favorite Thank God For Coffee
  • Sugar (optional, it provides a sweetness bonus that’s hard to resist!)

How’s it done?

Simply follow the instructions for making the jell-o on the box, BUT, instead of adding boiling water, add the same amount of strong brewed Thank God For Coffee. Try one of our standard roasts, or give it a whirl with one of our flavored coffees. Uncle Fred won’t know what hit him.

Once it sets, you’ll have a tasty dessert fit for any occasion.

For the dinner party, you’ll want to set it in some fancy glasses and put a dollop of whipped cream on top once it sets.

Or, pour the mixture into a cookie sheet then cut it into fun shapes. Whatever your caffeine-craving heart desires.

Or (our personal favorite): cut it into cubes and drop it into your iced or cold brew coffee, for a flavorful treat that won’t be diluted by melting ice. Take your delicacy on the go with a unique TGFC tumbler.

To re-capture a taste of the fun of your younger days, look no further than coffee-flavored Jell-O. Only this time, rather than only having one helping because “mommy said so,” you can eat as much as you like.

Because, you’re an adult. Definitely.

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